Generic Request Mail

Generic Request Mail is a module developed by the Center of Research & Development company. It allows you to create requests using incoming emails. You can set up email aliases and mail sources to catch email from desired addresses and automatically create requests.

To be able to configure email aliases in requests, first you need to enable the External Email Servers option in the General Settings.

Go to Settings -> General Settings and select the External Email Servers checkbox.

This will allow you to use your own email server. This server must be pre-configured.

Now in the Requests app, click Requests -> Mail Sources.

Click Create to create a new Mail Source.

In the form, enter the Name of the Mail Source in the upper field. On the General Tab, specify the parameters of the requests that will be created using incoming emails. You can select Request Type and Category.

Click the Emails tab. Here you can setup Email Alias. For example, enter 'some_company', if you want to catch emails from

In the Accept Emails From field, select the email policy:

Default Values is a Python dictionary with default values for creating new records. It will be filled in automatically.

Save the form.

Now incoming emails from the configured email aliases will create requests with provided parameters.