Generic Request Overview

Generic Request module is an independent application which also operates as a part of Bureaucrat application. It is a managing system for logging, recording, tracking, addressing, handling and archiving issues that occur in daily routine.

It is designed to be the single channel for submitting all the events that prevent normal business operation and saving staff desraption for asking about advise on hardware or software problems.

Generic requests allows any organisation to understand own technical support requirements and define an incident managing process. The operator of the Generic Request module is responsible for following each event through its escalation process and ensure the fastest way for its resolution.

Generic Request allows accumulating the information about incidents and developing knowledgebase for their quick work around, handling and resolution.

All the incidents are documented and tracked until they are resolved. Information about incidents is coordinated for faster and easier resolution. Reports generated while managing the incidents allow defining the problem areas and create the ways for their preventing.