Generic Request Stage Type Module

Generic Request Stage Type module is now part of the Generic Request functionality and does not require installation.

It allows the request stage to be subjected to global types of stages. You can distinguish request stages at glance and easily look after their execution.

Under the Configuration menu, you will see the Stage Types menu.

Click Stage Types. You will go to the Stage Types page.

Here you can see all the created global types of request stages. You can disable the use of certain stages by clearing the checkbox in the Active column.

To edit the name of the stage type, click on its name. To change the background color, enter the color code in the Background Color column, or click on it, the color palette appears and select the color manually. You can also change the color of the label in the Label Color column. After making changes, click Save at the top of the form.

To create a new Stage Type click Create.

Repeat steps from the previous paragraph and click Save.

Go to the request types page. To do this, click Types under the Configuration menu.

Select the type from the list or click Create to create a new one. A form of request type will opens.

On the request type form click Stages.

The stages page for this request opens. Select any stage from the list or click Create to create a new one.

In the stage form a new Stage Type field will appear. Click the drop-down menu next to it and select one of the created global stage types for current stage. You can create a new stage type here by clicking the Create and Edit... option. After filling in the form, click Save on the left side above the form.

Request on the request page with the same global stage will now appear in the same color. For more convenient work you can select the Stage Type option in the Group By drop-down menu.