Yodoo Cockpit: Backup Policies

Yodoo Cockpit allows you to set up custom backups for databases. The behavior of backups is determined by the created backup policy. Backup policy consists of backup rules that indicate all available settings for backups.

To configure backups, do the following:

  1. While in the Odoo-Infrastructure application, click Backup Policies.
  2. On the Backup Policies page, click Create to create a custom policy.
  3. Enter the policy name. To add a new backup rule, click Add an item.
  4. On the form that opens, enter a rule name.
  5. Select the Type of backup. There are two types of backups available:
    • Automatic rule - backups are automatically executed periodically
    • Manual rule - backups will be performed manually
  6. Select the Backup Format. Available formats are ZIP (with FS), SQL (pg_dump only) and Auto (backup format will be selected automatically).
  7. In the Max backup count field, you can specify the maximum number of backups allowed.
  8. In the On Overflow field, you can select the action to be performed on exceeding the maximum number of backups or disc space overflow. The available options are: Raise error or Delete oldest.
  9. In the TTL field, specify the time for backup after which it will be removed. In the TTL UoM field you can select the units of measure.
  10. If you select the Automatic rule type of backup, you will be able to specify time period between automatic backups (Period). In the Period UoM field, select the units of measure.
  11. The Time Rounding field indicates the time to do a backup. This field is assumed to be time in UTC timezone.
  12. Save created rule. You can add more than one rule to one backup policy, for example, one rule for automatic everyday backup, and another one for manual backups.

When you creating or editing your databases, on the Backups tab, you can select created backup policy for this database. You will see policy rules and all backup options below.