Service Desk Solutions

Service Desk is a single point of contact between service provider and users. It allows your company to provide IT support services to customers for all their IT needs. Service Desk is an essential part of every company that aims to provide customer support and integrate business processes into the service management infrastructure.

Our Service Desk extends the Helpdesk system and offer a broader range of service capabilities. It is designed to handle both incidents and service requests.

Our Service Desk system is built on the Odoo Platform and composed of the core modules that provide incident and service management, as well as a large number of various addons. These addons provide additional functionality of the main system. Each of them can be installed separately to add a specific feature. We designed several Service Desk bundles with different sets of addons to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding companies. Our modular system provides a great possibilities for customization. Each Service Desk bundle can be upgraded or modified for customer needs. We can also do a custom collection for you.

There are Service Desk, Service Desk Plus, Service Desk Pro and Service Desk Ultimate bundles available for now. All of them can be downloaded from Odoo Marketplace. For non-Odoo users, we provide a complete set of works to easily get the final product. For any questions, submit a request or contact us.

Service Desk

Our standard Service Desk bundle. It is simple and reliable and can meet the requirements of most companies. Provides incident and service management, as well as a website interface for external users to submit requests / order services and track their execution.

Service Desk supports custom services, configurable types, categories, kinds of request, stages, routes, priority, manual assignments, planning activities, internal chatter, logging events, custom colors.

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Service Desk Pro

Service Desk Pro supports Service Level Agreement (SLA) and SLA Log in requests. It allows to set SLA rules for each request stage with warnings and time limits. SLA rules can be set per service. All SLA actions and events are logged and can be analyzed using SLA Reports.

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Service Desk Ultimate

Based on our Helpdesk Ultimate bundle with addition of service support. This bundle has the most complete set of Bureaucrat modules. It has all functionality of the previous bundles and much more additional options to automate request processing using automated actions, automated routes and custom assignments.

Automated routes allows to set up triggers to automatically move requests by the route if certain conditions are met. Automated actions can do automatic assignments, subscription, create subrequest or perform custom programmed server action. These advanced addons can greatly automate and optimize processing of requests.

This bundle also adds ability to create custom assignment policies, provides parent / child relationship to requests (create subrequests), integration with project tasks, ability to link requests to documents and between each other, ability to reopen closed requests with a new type of request, teams, etc.

Service Desk Ultimate bundle is a professional, highly customizable, semi-automatic service desk system for the most demanding customers.