It is easier to schedule and hold video meetings with the new Generic Appointment modules.

The Center of Research and Development launched new modules to ease the process of appointment. Generic Appointment, Generic CRM Appointment and CR&D BigBlueButton modules will help you organize and hold the meetings quickly and without much effort.

Generic Appointment module is flexible, intuitive and has a simple design interface. It includes a wide variety of features:

  • You can easily choose the participiants you want to invite for a meeting;

  • Schedule the after time and before time for an appointment. So they can choose a convenient date and time for this appointment on the website;

  • Set the meeting duration;

  • Allow cancel hours so that the invited person can cancel or reschedule the meeting according to this restriction;

  • The time zones are taken into consideration. This helps if the appointments are created for people in different time zones;

  • All your appointments are displayed in the Odoo calendar. 

Generic Appointment CRM module extends the functionality of the Generic Appointment. After the installation, you can create meeting appointments from Leads and Opportunities just by clicking the Appoint Meeting button.

                Generic Appointment CR&D BigBlueButton Integration module connects the Generic Appointment module with CR&D BigBlueButton modules so you can appoint and hold meetings via Odoo. While creating the appointment, we can choose the Room for the conference. The link is available 15 minutes before start.

                 Get your meeting started via BigBlueButton and experience its multiple features:

                • record your conference and get back to the records any time you like;

                • hold video and audio meetings;

                • form team of users for group work;

                • use a multi-user whiteboard;

                • share your screen;

                • send public and private messages;

                • poll your users anytime;

                • express yourself by using emojis.