Generic Request Field Module

Generic Request Field is a module of the Generic Request application developed by the Center of Research & Development company. The module extends overall functionality of the application by allowing additional information fields to be configured for specific request types.

Overview of the Generic Request Field module

After installing the Generic Request Field module you can configure additional fields when creating or editing the request types.

Click Requests on the left dashboard menu.

Under the Configuration menu click Types.

The page of request types opens.

Click Create to create a new type.

To edit select the desired request type from the list. The form opens. Click Edit.

After installing the Generic Request Field module a new Fields tab will appear in the form of request type.

Here, you can add or edit the new fields.

Additional fields contain the following items:

Item Description
Name name of the new field
Code new field code
Mandatory check the box if this field is required to fill
Default field value by default
Active check this box to display this field when creating a request

To add a new field do the following:

  1. Click Add an item.

    The new field with the name of the new field activates.
  2. Enter the name of the field. To move to the next column, press the TAB key or click it. Press Shift + TAB to return to the previous column.
  3. Enter the code of the new field.
  4. If the field is required, select the checkbox in the Mandatory column.
  5. Enter the default field value if necessary.
  6. To display a field when creating a request, select the Active checkbox.

The filled field will look similar to this:

To add another item, click Add an item or press ENTER key and repeat steps 2-6 of the previous section.

To remove an item click .

After adding the required fields, click Save on the top left of the form.

Now, when you creating a request you will be able to fill in additional fields.

Under the Requests menu click Requests.

Click Create.

The form for creating new request opens.

Click the Type drop-down menu and select the newly created type from the list.

A new Data tab will appear in the request form.

Click the Data tab.

Here you can fill in the new fields you have created. You can edit the values by clicking in the corresponding field, or leave the default value.