Create Odoo Database

  1. Open the Odoo instance (server) where you want to create a database.

  2. Click Databases. A page with databases opens.

  1. To create a new database, click Create. In the opened form:

  2. In the upper field, enter the name of the database object (this is not the real database name, it is a database alias for more convenient display)

  3. Below, enter the database name (it may be automatically generated after entering the name above)
  4. Click Save

  1. The object of database is created. Now click Test to establish connection to physical database.

  1. The database status will change to No remote db. Click Create DB to create a remote Odoo database.

  1. A dialog window opens. Select one of the database templates and click Create. Creation of a database may take some time.

  1. When database is created, its status will change to Active.

  1. Click Sync to synchronize with the database. After synchronization, you will be able to see all the actual database data, including installed addons, backups, users, etc.