Generic Request Survey module provides integration between the Generic Request and Survey applications. It is typically used by organizations to collect feedback from customers, employees, or other stakeholders. It can be used to gather opinions, measure satisfaction, and gain insights into customer needs and preferences. The module allows organizations to create surveys, customize the questions and answers, and send out the survey to respondents. By collecting data and analyzing the responses, organizations can identify areas of improvement and develop strategies to better serve their customers.

How to send the survey from request form?

On the request form, click the "Send Survey" button. Choose the survey you wish to send, decide who the recipients will be, and select the option to send it by email. After you have sent the survey, all of the designated recipients will receive an invitation letter with a link to the survey in their email.

Note! In order to send a survey, it must first be created.

Send Survey

Completed answers are linked to the request the survey was send from and can be found in the Answers tab.  

 Review Answers

Another way to access detailed answers is by going to Surveys ‣ Participations.