Yodoo Apps DB

Yodoo Apps DB is part of the Odoo Infrastructure system. It is an application that represents a database of all Odoo modules and addons in your infrastructure.

The application can display all available modules on all servers and databases of your infrastructure with a detailed information about module's series, version, author, license, etc.

Any module can be opened to show more detailed information, view dependencies, servers and databases where it is installed.

Modules can be displayed, for example, by categories or authors. Any category or author can be opened to see their modules list.

The application also provides ability to search only addons of specific series, displays Git Sources of addons, and more.

Yodoo Apps DB also allows to create and manage assemblies of addons. Assemblies define which custom modules will be available for installation on the server's databases.

Each assembly is a separate GitLab repository, and all addons management is performed via GitLab.

For more info about how to add or remove custom addons to the assembly, read the Assembly Management guide.