Bureaucrat Helpdesk Ultimate

We have just released our Bureaucrat Helpdesk Ultimate bundle for Odoo v.12. It is a helpdesk system with the most complete set of Bureaucrat modules published on the Odoo market for now. The only exceptions are add-ons related to custom assignment policies. They are not yet included to any bundle.

Compared to the nearest Bureaucrat Helpdesk Pro bundle, it has more options to automate request processing using automated actions and automated routes.

As for the main features of the bundle:

  • Service Level Agreement

  • SLA Log

  • Automated actions

  • Conditional actions

  • Integration with project tasks

  • Automatic project task creation

  • Subrequests

  • Automatic subrequests creation

  • Automated routes (by triggers)

  • Auto-only routes

  • Automatic route triggering when changing project task's stage

  • Automatic route triggering when changing subrequest's stage

  • Tag management

  • Kinds of request

  • Request priority

  • Links with documents

  • Links between requests

  • Reopen requests with a new type

  • Custom fields (string)

  • Request creation using incoming emails

  • And more...

If you need a specific info about module configuration, see Bureaucrat Documentation.

Try Bureaucrat ITSM template now on yodoo.systems

Visit our Youtube channel to see workflow examples and setup guides.

Request for Incident - Set Up Automated Actions