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New bureaucrat release

07/09/2021 15:15:43 In Bureaucrat ITSM
New version of Bureaucrat Helpdesk / Service Desk / ITSM solution released! Explore new features and improvements

How to translate Odoo

06/30/2021 07:58:14 In How To
Instruction of adding or modifying translations of particular module in particular database. This instruction can be used for any Odoo module, including third-party modules, Odoo Community modules, Odoo Enterprise modules.

BigBlueButton for web-conferencing

11/23/2020 11:34:01 In Bureaucrat ITSM
CR&D BBB modules: the best BigBlueButton web-conferencing integration with Odoo

The easiest way to install production-ready odoo

05/07/2021 13:18:07 In How To
The detailed instruction: how to install production-ready Odoo 14.0 on Ubuntu 20.04 with third-party addons

How to safely upgrade Odoo addons

01/15/2020 13:04:22 In How To
Step by step guide on how to safely upgrade custom or third-party addons on Odoo server.

New System Events Relatd to Mail

08/30/2019 14:22:39 In Bureaucrat ITSM
Use new Mail Comment and Mail Note events, to automatically change stage of request on new mail message

Canned Responses

08/12/2019 09:29:12 In Bureaucrat ITSM