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How To Easily Configure Request Workflow Using Diagram View

05/07/2019 16:11:39 In Bureaucrat ITSM
Helpdesk on Odoo. Configure request type using diagram vew. Fix Odoo bug with the diagram view.

Bureaucrat Service Desk

04/19/2019 15:36:18 In Bureaucrat ITSM
Service Desk system on Odoo.

How to Set Up Integration Between Odoo and Rocket.Chat

04/18/2019 15:30:55 In How To
how to receive odoo messages in

How To Make Fields Readonly Or Invisible In Odoo

04/19/2019 10:30:35 In How To
hide or make invisible fields in odoo

How To Hide Menus In Odoo

04/18/2019 09:09:03 In How To
hide menus / fields, make invisible fields in odoo

Button Box Fullwidth Addon

04/09/2019 11:21:22 In Bureaucrat ITSM
Odoo interface improvements. Button box fullwidth.