Bureaucrat ServiceDesk is under the new release



     Bureaucrat bundles are developed constantly. Our Helpdesk and ServiceDesk services are provided for all types of SMEs. You can try our free HelpdeskLite if you need just manage income requests on your web-site. It's the simpliest way to communicate with your customers. They can create tickets for fixing bugs. Employees can answer their questions or further sale orders. You can configure categories, types, stages, set up routes and provide request handling. 

       ServiceDesk brings the other assistance level. With Service Level Agreement (SLA) you can define service levels according the contracts' conditions.

       Now all our Bureaucrat bundles are running on the 14-th Odoo series. 

      Working with Bureaucrat is also comfortable because we constantly improve its functions proceeding from our clients' needs. Developing new feathures is on the top of our mind. Stay with us and make your business work highly servicing constantly.

       This blog post covers changes introduced in releases from from 18 January 2021 to 10 June 2021.

   Assignment policy improved

There is a new big improvement for assignment policies. For example, now it is possible to assign request (or other document) to least loaded user.

Below the list of improvements of assignment policies:

  • Improved assignment policy type Assign by related policy:
    • Added ability to sort filtered records by selected field;
    • Added ability to choose sort order;
    • Thus it is possible to select first record from sorted list, that could be used to assign to least loaded user.

  • Improved assignment policy type User field:
    • Now it is possible to search for user in Many2many and One2many fields;
    • Added ability to select (random or first) user for field (one2many or many2many);
    • Added ability to filter user by conditions;
    • Added ability to sort selected users before selection, thus it is possible to select for example least loaded user.

New filters added

We have added new prdefined fielters to request model, so no it would be much easier to find tickets. The list of aded filters below:

  • Added new search filters for requests
    • Today
    • 24 hours
    • Week
    • Month
    • Year
  • Added new group by filters for request's search view
    • Assignee
    • Is Closed
Also, we have added statistic info (requests open/closed for today, 24h, week, etc) to following models:
  • Request Type
  • Request Category
  • Request Channel
  • Request Kind

     Multisite support. In this release we introduce support for multisite feature of odoo in Bureaucrat. So now, you can publish different services, request types and request categories on different websites (managed by same odoo database).

Also added in Bureaucrat:

  • Global setting that could be used to show/hide request statistics on kanban views of request-related objects like Request Category, Request type, etc.

  • Now requests created via xml-RPC or json RPC will get API channel automatically (if it's not provided in creation parameters)

  •  Requests page (user form view) is used to display request statistics for user.

  • Added button to generate default stages and route on request type that has no request stages.

  • Added new request event types:

    • Timetracking / Start Work

    • Timetracking / Stop Work
    • Service Changed
    • Service Level Changed
    • Request Archived
    • Request Unarchived
    • Author Changed
    • Partner Changed
  • Added menu for assigment policies related to requests inside Requests top menu.

  • Added global setting to set default Mail Source for all requests. This allows to use one mail address for all communications within all requests.

  • Improved UI/UX for Request Route Triggers

  • Added new request events for BigBlueButton integration:

    • BBB Events / Meeting Started

    • BBB Events / Meeting Ended

  • A lot of UI/UX improvements on website

    • Ability to specify placeholders, tooltips, help messages for request fields

    • Ability to display help message below request text

  • Added ability to archive / unarchive requests. Only users of group Generic Request (Allow archive) can archive / unarchive requests

Other updates

   Also, we have updated our module crnd_website_security, that is responsible for security improvements on website. In this release, we have added functionality that allow to hide behind login any url in Odoo. It uses concept of overriding auth type for needed routes. For example, this feature could be used to require users to login to get to E-Commerce Shop.

BigBlueButton for web-conferencing
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