New Bureaucrat Release: April 2, 2019

We have just published our new Bureaucrat release.

This is one of our regular releases with the latest updates and bug fixes. All available addons have been updated to the latest versions.

Our Helpdesk bundles also receive all the latest addons updates.

Most noticeable changes:

  • Released the Generic Team addon. It is used for team management (create teams, add members).

  • Generic Request (Kind): Added kanban view for kinds.

  • Website Service Desk (Kind): On the website interface, kind of request is now not only used as a filter, it is also displayed on the request form.

  • Generic Security Restriction: Added feature to hide menus from specific users.

  • Generic Request Mail: Keep in request "Mail Source" it came from. Thus, it is possible to filter requests by Mail Sources. Notification messages sent from request notifications use Mail Source name and email in "From" and "Reply To" fields of email.

  • Generic Request: Fixed bug that raised errors when trying to edit nodes and connections on the diagram view. Now you can freely create, edit, connect nodes without any errors.

Some minor changes were made, such as translation updates, added missing placeholders, minor bug fixes, etc.

Over the next few weeks, we plan to publish a new release with service integration to requests. Also, assignment features will be presented in the following articles. Subscribe to our blog and don’t miss out.

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