What's New in Bureaucrat

In this article, we will look at some of the most noticeable changes in our system over the past few months.

Event System

Our system can now track and record all request events. A new button was added to the request form that displays number of recorded events.

Clicking the button will show all the events that occur with this request.

You can open the event form to see the data of this event.

Actions Refactoring

Actions are no longer tied to a specific route of request. They are defined for a type of request and can be triggered on certain events (created, closed, assigned, reassigned, unassigned, changed, stage changed, reopened, SLA Warning, SLA Failed). You can still select the routes on which they should be activated. You can also specify different groups of conditions for request and event.

Automatic Routes

Automatic routes may now use events for triggering. You can select the Event trigger and specify the Event Type.

You can also select event conditions.

Colored Flow Diagrams

We have developed a new CRnD Web Diagram Plus addon. It fixes the Odoo bug with the diagram view and allows to specify background and foreground colors of nodes for Odoo diagrams.

It is now integrated into the Bureaucrat core and allows to create colored diagrams of the workflow.

Generic Service

Now, our Generic Service addon allows to create custom levels of service.

We have also developed a bunch of integration addons. Now you can specify default level of service for your partners and use it, for example, in request's SLA to provide different level of service for different customers.

Services can now be displayed in the kanban view mode. Clicking on the appropriate icon allow you to see requests / resources related to the current service.

Service Level Agreement

We did a lot of changes to our Generic Request SLA addon. The main change is adding SLA lines. They allow the main SLA rule to operate in different ways, depending on conditions. You can specify conditions for each SLA rule line. If these conditions are met, the timers from the current line will be active instead of the main rule. You can also select absolute / working time for each line.

The category verification is the core functionality.

Our additional integration modules allow to verify service, level of service and priority in the SLA Rule.

These modules are:

We also updated SLA Controls form that now displays SLA data more conveniently.

Default Notifications

We added ability to set up default notifications that will be sent on request events. They are configured for a request type. You can do this on the Notifications tab of the request type.

Interface Improvements

Request Kanban

A lot of efforts have been spent on improving the user interface, in particular, kanban view.

Now you can see all the necessary data more conveniently.

At the bottom of the card, you can see user names: creator, assignee and the user who closed the request.

Stage Type Kanban

We added kanban view to the Stage Types page.

SLA Rule Type Kanban

We also added kanban view to the SLA Rule Type page.

Request Kind Kanban

Added kanban view to request kinds.

Request Mail Sources kanban

Added kanban view for request mail sources.

Generic Team

We have developed the Generic Team Tag addon. It allows to add tags to teams and team members.

Minor Changes:

We also made hundreds of minor improvements to our various addons: added separate security groups with permission to delete requests, updated request's settings view, updated documentation, translations, improved test coverage and many other little things.

All new modules and upgrades are made for Odoo v.11 and Odoo v.12.

We also created and published SaaS templates for all of our Heldesk and Service Desk bundles. There you can test the described updates.

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