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Yodoo Cockpit

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Yodoo is a way to look at your business differently                                          

Yodoo Services optimizes business processes to save time and money and allows your company to become more flexible to create new business models to be successful on the market. 

It's fast, safe and cheap

Yodoo Cockpit simplifies all the routine Odoo administration and everything related to it. There is no need for the system administrator to deploy a new server or install any required module. 

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Yodoo Cockpit is for:

                                                                                                                                       Company team


  • Reduced hosting prices  for your Odoo account
  • More flexibility
  • No needs to maintain your DevOps team
  • Easy Odoo modules management
  • Several contractors' access

                                                                                             Company team

    Business Developers (sellers)

  • Your own Local Odoo SaaS  based on both EE and CE versions
  • Your clients receive: localization, translations, document templates and report forms, documentation
  • Integration with local delivery operators, local banks and payment systems
  • Customer portal ( Templates market, Billing , Service Desk )
  • Placing servers (instances / bases) at the local data centers (relevant for some jurisdictions)
 Company team

    Product Developers

  • Сonvertion  of your functional  modules into  your  SaaS  industry  product
  • Quick deployment of test and demo environments
  • Transferring customers from a one-time purchase to a subscription
  • Ease of updates and migrations
  • Сustomer feedback system
                                                                                             Company team

    Implementers and Іntegrators

  • Simplification  all routine operations for  administering  Odoo (backup, updates, admin access)
  • Quick deployment of test, demo and production instance
  • Management and Сontrol of multiple databases, repositories, users
  • Optimization of hosting resources
  • The ability to move from a project to a service business model   

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Yodoo Service Advantages

Complete management   allows to create, drop, start, stop, restart, configure, do snapshots and rollback to snapshot  of Odoo instances

Complete management  of Odoo databases allows to create, drop, rename, copy database, do backup (scheduled or manual) and restore database from backup, install or remove addons, gather statistics

Management of solutions  and templates allows to create database templates and publishe them on website, thus allowing your clients to create (by themselves) databases with preinstalled and preconfigured set of addons

Frontend management   allows to bind domains to databases, manage SSL certificates, redirects and run Odoo databases in multisite mode (single database serves multiple websites with different domain names)

Addons management  allows to take control over all modules in use: create assemblies of addons for each Odoo instances, easily update instances and databases, avoid update failures caused by partial update of addons, and much more

Customer portal  provides the way for your clients to manage their databases: create, backup, drop, restore database and login to database as administrator

Service Desk   is integrated into ITSM solution to support your clients

More about technical things of Yodoo Cockpit
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Infrastructure as a Service

( CPU Core + RAM GB + Storage GB )

  • Odoo instance
  • Frontend ( Nginx + SSL )
  • File Storage
  • Mail Gateway
  • Router with VPN & IP
* Only for Partners
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Platform as a Service

( Odoo worker =/= 1CPU Core + 1 RAM GB )

  • Odoo instance
  • Odoo file storage
  • Yodoo Backend API
  • Assembly on GitLab
  • Templates DB
Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Software as a Service

( Internal Odoo User + Storage space )

  • Client portal
  • Odoo DataBases management
  • Odoo DataBase backup policy
  • Domain management
  • Customer support

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