Continuous Integration Setup

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Build Your Development Process As a Professional

Do you want your software development go fast? Want your teams to work continually on their own tasks or on a common mission? Do you want to provide security of your source code and be sure that one little bug will not throw away days (months) of work?

With Continuous Integration development model you can combine high-quality code standards and safety with fast, flexible development process.

We offer you a complete set of works to setup Continuous Integration development process on your project(s). Including:

  • GitLab Configuration

  • Pipeline Configuration

  • Launching Tests Runner

  • Launching Review App Runner

  • Post-launch Support

Why Not Just Use Odoo Runbot For Apps Review?

Our CI Review App:

  • Has a tight integration with Gitlab (you can open Review App directly from the merge request on Gitlab)

  • Starts on dockers so you can run projects with up to 5 containers (where Odoo only one of them) 

  • Creates new Odoo instance on docker and installs all addons with dependencies available in your project

  • All configuration can be done through gitlab-ci.yml

  • Supports Pyarmor encryption of addons

Our offers

Basic Continuous Integration Setup


  • Starting CI workers
  • Access to Odoo CI container image
  • Starting and configuring machine to run automatic previews
  • Few weeks of support at start to help configure CI for your projects (Usually it is enough)

Per-month payment:
(Workers are deployed on our infrastructure)


EUR / month
  • Gitlab Runner
  • Gitlab Docker in Docker Runner
  • Gitlab Review App Runner

Per-month payment:
Access to Odoo Packager
(Runs only on our infrastructure)


EUR / month
  • Odoo Packager is used to package Odoo addons in single repository (assembly), usually each Odoo instance has its own repository
  • Ability to protect Odoo addons with PyArmor
  • Ability to hard-code addons configuration (for each package (assembly))