Subscription plans for Bureaucrat Products

CR&D provides subscription policy that allow you not to think about new releases and migrations

We provides Subscriptions for all our Bureaucrat addons  Subscription is optional and provides additional benefits in 


No need to buy new addons added to bundles

We constantly create new addons and add them to bundles, with subscription, you will recieve these new addons for free

Free update to the next Odoo serie

When you decide to migrate to the new Odoo serie, you will get code for the new version of addons for free  (code only)

Migration notes

In case of complex migrations, we will provide migration notes to help you avoid errors during the update

Changelog with all notable changes

On each update, you will get the list of all notable changes in modules

Simplicity of updating process

All Bureaucrat addons are in the single git repository, which significantly  simplifies update process usually it is better to update all addons at the same time

Subscription pricing

Service Desk Pro Service Desk Ultimate ITSM
350 EUR / year 700 EUR / year
1070 EUR / year

NOTE. If you have bought the bundle on the Odoo Apps and want to get upgrade to the next Odoo serie, you have to buy subscription for  1 year to get the free update

Odoo • Image and Text

Upgrade policy (bundle to bundle)

You can upgrade to the upper level bundle (for example, from Helpdesk Ultimate to Service Desk Ultimate).

If you have subscription, then the upgrading will cost only difference between bundles.

If you have no subscription, then the upgrade will cost the difference between prices + half year of pre-paid subscription.