Our Services

We can offer you a bunch of services related to the development and implementation of Odoo solutions. We also provide consulting, support and some extra services to build and maintain your own development process.

Development and Implementation


of new functionality that will be added to Bureaucrat Core


EUR / hour
  • Code ownership by CRnD

  • Advance payment 50%


of company specific functionality


EUR / hour
  • Code ownership of developed addons transfered to client
  • Advance payment 50%


(implementation, small fixes, etc)


EUR / hour
  • Includes:
      - Data import
      - Configuration
      - Consulting
  • No advance payment
  • Billing once per month


for updates


EUR / month
  • We will create new repository for client with all required addons. This repository will be updated at least one time per month.
  • Migration notes provided (in case when complex migration required)

Extra Services (For Developers)

Code Review

a professional help of our Senior Odoo Developers



EUR / hour
  • Manual Code Review and Analysis

  • Code Optimization

  • Help With Debugging, Error Detection

Basic Continuous Integration Setup


  • Starting CI workers

  • Access to Odoo CI container image

  • Starting and configuring machine to run automatic previews
  • Few weeks of support at start to help configure CI for your projects (Usually it is enough)

Continuous Integration

(Workers are deployed on our infrastructure)


EUR / month
  • Gitlab Runner

  • Gitlab Docker in Docker Runner

  • Gitlab Review App Runner

Continuous Integration:

Access to Odoo Packager

(Runs only on our infrastructure)


EUR / month
  • Odoo Packager is used to package Odoo addons in single repository (assembly), usually each Odoo instance has its own repository
  • Ability to protect Odoo addons with PyArmor
  • Ability to hard-code addons configuration (for each package (assembly))